Josh Wright is a Product Designer & UX Strategist working in Austin.

Kind words

It was with supreme confidence that I tapped Josh to run my initial research program at Cerebral. It had to both serve as a template and convince critical leadership, and as usual he delivered top shelf work.

Author avatar Louis Elfman, Head of Design at Cerebral

Josh is a thoughtful and creative problem solver. He asks the right questions and gets people engaged and invested to help answer them. I’d jump at the chance to collaborate with him again.

Author avatar Bill Franz, Associate UX Director at AXS

I always get excited when I get to work with Josh on a project. He brings innovative thinking and a unique ability to solve complex interaction and user experience problems.

Author avatar Evan Geerlings, Sr Director of Product at LegalZoom

Josh is great - period! He's very detail oriented and extremely capable in both UX & visual design disciplines. As a person Josh is dependable, no nonsense and fun - a total pleasure.

Author avatar Girmant Ragus, Sr Creative Director at LegalZoom